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The Thin Man - Part 6

Title: The Thin Man
Author: tonjavmoore
Prompt: The Thin Man – Released in 1934, starring William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles, Dashiell Hammett’s wise-cracking, crime-solving couple
Word Count: 31,921
Rating: PG-13
Character/Pairings: Jack/Ianto and just about anyone from the Whoniverse at large
Spoilers: Way off the map, so nothing I can think of
Disclaimer: The only thing I own is the computer I typed this on and the way these words are spun together. This is a work of fan fiction and no one, least of all me, wants to be stepping on copyrights.

Summary: Captain Jack Harkness, former Torchwood agent, brings his husband to his old stomping grounds of New York City to meet his friends. He didn’t anticipate walking into multiple crimes, missing people, and a general mess. What’s happened in Torchwood?

Special Thanks: To my wonderful betas cjharknessgirl and faithharkness for sticking with me and helping me push this out of my fingertips. Without their encouragement, this would have stayed in limbo for all time.

Part 6

He never knew exactly what brought him to full wakefulness that Christmas morning, but it was something that didn’t belong. Jack trusted his instincts and waited scarcely half a moment until he knew where the threat was and exploded into action. With one hand he sent Ianto off the edge of the bed away from the danger. In the same motion he pulled a gun from under his pillow and aimed it at the seemingly empty room. He used his elbow to set off the security alarm and the door to the suite burst open two seconds later to admit four of the security team. “You’re surrounded,” he announced. “Come out of there. Ianto, stay down.”

“Don’t shoot!” Two voices? “We’re turning it off.” There was a noise like a vacuum hose and Owen and Gwen appeared between Jack and the four at the door.

“What the hell?” Jack was angry and his brain reminded him suddenly that Ianto hadn’t answered his command to stay down. “Don’t move, either of you.”

He moved around the bed, gasping as he saw Ianto very white and still. He knelt beside him calling, “Get a doctor!”

Owen said, “I’m a doctor.”

Jack popped up over the edge of the bed with the gun. “Shut up. Stay right where you are.” He returned to Ianto. “Are you hurt, sweetheart? Speak to me.” He wanted to hold his husband but was afraid to move him. An indignant bundle of fur appeared from under the bed and immediately began to lick Ianto’s face.

A few seconds later, Ianto stirred and said distinctly, “Ouch.”

Jack let out a breath. “Thank God,” he whispered. “Don’t move, love, there’s a doctor on the way.”

Ianto opened his eyes and regarded Jack with a slight frown. “Why did you throw me out of bed?” After a pause, he added, “That’s quite enough licking for now, Myfanwy, thank you.”

“Intruders. Good girl, Myfanwy. Protect your tad.” The little dog used Ianto’s stomach as a launch pad and jumped up onto the bed. She marched to the middle and growled.

Ianto, who had made a little “oof” sound when Myfanwy jumped, raised an eyebrow at Jack. “Intruders. I’ll bet you used one of those smooth moves, didn’t you?”

Relaxing, Jack smiled, “It was pretty smooth.”

“Well, damn. I’ve always wanted to see one of those in action. May I get up now?”

“Not until the doctor checks you over.” Jack lifted Ianto’s hand and kissed the fingertips. “I want to be sure nothing is broken in that complicated brain.”

“Jack,” Owen called, “I am a competent doctor.”

Jack looked over the bed and snarled, “Right now you’re a stupid asshole who used an illegal teleportation device to get into our bedroom. And so are you, Gwen. What the hell were you two thinking?”

“We need your help, Jack,” Gwen tried. “The cops are determined to get one of us for these murders. You’ve got to show them that they’re wrong.”


It was Ianto again. “Yes, love?”

“Did you confront our intruders like that?”

“Like…?” Jack glanced down. He and Ianto had not bothered to slip anything on last night. “Oh.”

“Far be it for me to advise you in your domain, but a little dignity would not go amiss.” Ianto tried to look serious, but a smile tugged at his lips.

With a grin of his own, Jack nodded. Ianto was going to be all right, but he still wanted him checked over. “I thought you liked me this way.”

“I do. Yes, indeed, I do. However, I do have strong objections to sharing. You know us rich kids; we’re born selfish.”

Jack pulled the sheet and blanket off the bed. He spread the blanket over Ianto and wrapped the sheet around himself. The sound of footsteps in the outer room brought him to his feet, the king-sized sheet sarong making it a little difficult to move gracefully. Lois, dressed in a full length robe, led a woman into the room, behind the phalanx of guards. “This is Dr. Haines, the doctor on call for the hotel. The police are on their way.”

Cries of alarm rose from the Torchwood agents. “Shut it,” Jack ordered. “Doctor, please check Ianto over. He may have hit his head when he… fell.” He felt a kick from his husband, but ignored it. He came around the bed again, facing Owen and Gwen. “Why the hell should I help you with anything?”

Owen said quickly, “You know the cops have it in for us. They always have. They’re so eager to lock up a Torchwood agent that they aren’t looking anywhere else. Jack, they know I was there that day. I may have fucked Suzie, but I didn’t kill her.”

“They were at me about all those fights I had with her,” Gwen said when Owen stopped for breath. “I was mad because she nearly got Rhys killed and because she kept after him since she couldn’t take no for an answer, but that’s all it was. I swear, Jack, I didn’t kill her!”

Jack held up his hands. “Stop, okay? Just stop.” He heard movement from behind him and turned. “Doctor?”

She was helping Ianto onto the bed. “Just had the breath knocked out of him and a little bump on the head. Not even a concussion. Some aspirin and a couple of hours of rest and he should be fine.” She smiled. “As long as you don’t accidentally kick him out of bed again.”

Jack should have known Ianto wouldn’t let him get away with it. He offered an apologetic smile to his husband and received a smug smirk in return. Jack vowed to make him pay later. He turned back to the unwelcome guests. “That’s enough out of you two. Honestly, why did I think coming back for a visit was a good idea? If you didn’t do it, there’s no way to prove you did.”

“What do you mean ‘if’?”

“They want to make one of us an example!”

Lois brought in two police officers and led the doctor back out. Jack looked them over and sighed. “Look, don’t arrest these idiots. Just make sure they leave the hotel. Boys, make sure we’re all locked up again and then knock off until Ianto calls you. Thanks for your prompt response. It does our hearts good to know you’re so on the ball.”

“But, Jack…”

“No, Gwen. Look, I’ll try and sort this, but leave us alone. Next time you break in here, I won’t be so lenient. Out.”

It took a minute or so, but finally he was alone with Ianto and Myfanwy. He gave her a pat and then pointed to her bed. “Go, please.”

Obviously deciding he wasn’t to be cajoled, she turned and hopped off the bed. Jack lay down beside Ianto and sighed. “The next time I suggest coming here, slap some sense into me.”

“I can’t do the impossible, Jack.” Ianto opened his arms and Jack snuggled in close. “Happy Christmas, Cariad.”

“Merry Christmas, my love. Not exactly the way I wanted this morning to begin.”

“We’re together, right? Can’t ask for more.”


They lay that way for a few minutes, and then Jack sat up. “Doc told me something last night, but I can’t tell you. Not because I don’t want to, but it’s secret Torchwood business and there are innocents involved. It gave me an idea, but I need to go check it out.”


“I don’t want to leave you, but I want to get this thing settled. It’s interfering with our vacation and it looks like no one else is going to get past the obvious.”

Ianto smiled at him. “You just can’t stand to see a problem unresolved. All right, Jack, I understand. Just… be careful, all right? I can’t lose you.”

“Ditto.” Jack kissed him, savoring his scent. “I shouldn’t be gone long. Two or three hours at the most. If it’s what I think it is, I’ll have it over and done with by dinner and we can start Christmas then.”

“Can I be soppy and say that every day with you is like Christmas?”

“You can be as soppy as you want. Later though. I want to get this over with.” He stood and undraped the sheet, giving his rear a little wiggle at Ianto. “Something to whet your appetite.”

“If my appetite is any more whetted, you won’t be able to walk out of here.”

“Hold that thought.” Jack went into the bathroom. He stuck his head back out. “Oh, I need to take Myfanwy with me.”

Ianto rolled his eyes, turned his back, and began snoring rather ostentatiously.

Sylvia dropped the phone and burst into tears. “She’s not answering! Has she disappeared, too? Where is my baby, Dad?”

Wilf shook his head. Donna hadn’t called since she set off for Grand Central yesterday. He was beginning to wish he had kept Carl’s news to himself. What could have happened to her?

Naturally, Hart chose that moment to be smarmy. “It will be all right, darling,” he cooed at her. “Come and sit down. She’ll call soon.”

“It’s those Torchwood people! I know it! They took Geoff and now they’ve taken Donna! Otherwise why would the police be coming around asking for her?”

“Maybe she went somewhere with Lance?” Wilf suggested. “I mean, they’re getting married in a couple of days.”

“She said… Donna… she said he’d gone to see an aunt or cousin or something. Where is Donna?” she wailed.

With a sigh, Wilf shook his head again. “I could go over to her apartment,” he offered.

“Don’t leave me, too!” Sylvia flung herself at him. “They’ll get you!”

This was going beyond hysteria into full paranoia. “Look, Sylvia, she said she had some friends who were helping her look for Geoff. Maybe she stayed with them last night.”

“What friends? Who?”

“Let me think. One was a big boss in that place she works in and his – well, she said husband. Somebody and somebody Harkness.”

“Harkness?” Hart snapped the word at him like a whip. “Who Harkness? Was it Jack Harkness?”

“Jack Harkness? That sounds right. He helped out after the Harwoods thing. Remember, Sylvia?”

“Torchwood again!” Sylvia raised her fists and shrieked. “He was Torchwood! That proves it! They’ve taken her and I’ll never see her again!”

There was a very odd expression on Hart’s face. He got to his feet. “Don’t worry, darling,” he said theatrically. Wilf thought he might throw up. “I’ll find her. I’ll bring your baby home.”

Ianto had slept; now he was bored. Jack hadn’t called and he didn’t know when he would be back. After checking his watch for the fourth time in three minutes, Ianto decided he needed to do something constructive before he went mad. He called down to Donna’s room, hoping he wouldn’t be waking her up. She answered after one ring. “Hello?”

“Hi, Donna. It’s Ianto. Did I wake you?”

“Nah. I was just lying here reminding myself it’s Christmas. I don’t feel very jolly, but that’s what the calendar says. Even the hold music is a Christmas carol.”

“Did you get yourself something nice to wear?”

“Yeah, they were real helpful down there. I’ll pay you back, but they wouldn’t tell me how much anything was.”

“Because I told them not to. Consider them my Christmas present to you. Actually, you could do me a real favor if you want.”

“I will if I can. What is it?”

“Get your glad rags on and let’s have breakfast. Jack has taken himself off somewhere to follow a lead and no, he won’t tell me what it is. I’m alone except for the security staff and feeling guilty because they have to watch me instead of enjoying the holiday. At least there’s a nice buffet downstairs. Will you join us?”

“Sure. Give me about twenty minutes or so. I need to put on my face. Can’t have the boss seeing me like this.”

“I won’t tell a soul. Meet me down in the dining room. I’ll tell the host or hostess to watch out for you.”

“I like the plan.”

Jack drove slowly along the narrow lane, eyes veering from side to side. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but he hoped he’d know it when he saw it. The information from John had given him his first real glimmer of what might have happened.

“I checked our records, Jack. Geoff Noble was working on a drug he hoped would help some of the people at Quiet Grove. He was supposed to go out there at the first of December, but Suzie called the day they were expecting him and said he’d been delayed. That was the last they heard.”

The Quiet Grove facility was one of Torchwood’s biggest secrets. Victims of the Rift, they called them. Sometimes people came out of the Rift damaged beyond imagination. Sometimes aliens came out who were harmless, but couldn’t get back and couldn’t blend in with the human population. Quiet Grove was their haven, their only safe refuge. It was too dangerous to let its whereabouts be known. Only a few of the liaisons knew the way there and of those few, only three were actually allowed in the grounds. Suzie had been one of the three.

He brought the borrowed Torchwood Jeep to a stop. The ground off the road was disturbed on the right. He pulled on his gloves and snapped Myfanwy’s leash on her collar. “Come on, girl,” he said. “Let’s see what we can find.”

Myfanwy, dressed in her fur coat and boots, was willing enough. Ianto had trained her to wear the boots from puppyhood because he hated tracked-in mud. Jack had learned quickly to take his boots off when he came in from Cardiff’s wet weather. He actually agreed with Ianto that there was no reason to cause the house staff more work than was necessary, but he suspected there was more to it. He would worm the story out of him someday.

The little dog ran ahead of him, eager to explore all the delightful new scents. Jack ordered her to slow down. He didn’t want her to get too tangled. He also needed to keep track of where they were. It wouldn’t do to lose the Jeep. Although Ianto would probably find it amusing. The thought of his husband brought a sigh to his lips. This was not where he wanted to be on Christmas.

With a bark, Myfanwy veered left and Jack followed. He came upon her suddenly, digging at what appeared to be a den of some sort. Jack examined it carefully, but there was nothing he wanted to see there. He picked her up in spite of her protests and took her back to where they started from. She cast out in another direction and he went after her. Three more dead ends and he was considering checking somewhere else when he heard Myfanwy barking furiously just ahead.

He traced the dog to an area near a large tree that had fallen over, its roots hanging like vines. Jack knelt in the snow. Myfanwy was digging furiously, barking and whining. He picked her up and studied the result. This was no animal’s den. He put her down with a stern command to stay.

With care he began removing the dirt from Myfanwy’s excavations. It didn’t take long to uncover what she had smelled. It was a hand. A man’s hand.

John and Rose sat in his office staring at Owen and Gwen. “Let me get this straight,” Rose said quietly, keeping John in his seat. She had stayed with Donna until the woman had gone to sleep and then come back to the Torchwood offices to find John. “You took one of the Sontaran teleporters out of the Archives and used it to get past Jack’s security. Is that what you’re saying?”

The two agents nodded glumly. “It wasn’t a very smart thing to do,” Owen admitted.

“We were desperate,” Gwen added.

“That Swanson woman wants one of us to take the fall for these murders,” Owen insisted. “She’s obsessed.”

John was scowling. “You don’t know that she wants that.”

“I do,” Gwen said. “You didn’t hear her last night. She wanted to know every detail about Suzie and Alex. Told me she’d heard about the fights I had with Suzie over Rhys, and how Alex thought it was such a good joke. God, they even asked me about Tosh and Alex.”

“I told them there was nothing to that,” Owen said, glowering. “But they knew that he had asked her to the party and then bailed on her. Wanted to know if that was a pattern and what Tosh did about it. What anyone did about it.”

“They picked on Mickey and Martha, too. Suzie’s last field work was with them. Wanted to know all about the mistakes she had made and if she had hit on Mickey and if Martha resented it, and…” Gwen waved her hand in despair.

“And it never occurred to either of you that all of that was just how the police work?” John growled. “They push and push when they find weak spots and don’t hesitate to tell lies if they think they can get a confession?”

Rose shook her head. “And what did you think Jack could do about it?”

Gwen and Owen looked at each other. “Jack got along with her,” Gwen said. “He’s the only one of us whoever did.”

“Had the hots for him, if you ask me,” Owen sneered. “Maybe that’s what put her on the warpath. Spurned by Jack and she wants to make Torchwood pay.”

“Unbelievable!” John shouted. “What are you, teenagers? I thought I trained you better!” He glared at them and then at Rose. “And you wonder why I want Jack back here so badly.”

Rose bristled and barely stopped herself from shouting back. That wouldn’t get them anywhere. “Look,” she said, trying to force her voice into a calm, reasonable tone. “Why don’t we get Tosh, Rhys, Martha and Mickey in here and we can compare notes? Maybe we can work out what has them so suspicious, apart from the obvious.”

“What good will that do?” John asked.

“I don’t know.” Rose shrugged. “It’s something to do besides sitting here and yelling at each other. That would be a really lousy Christmas.”

“Not that it isn’t already lousy enough,” Owen mumbled.

“All right.” John sighed in resignation. “Call them in.”

Rose nodded. “Maybe I can get someone to bring wassail.”

Donna came out of the elevator and walked across to the hotel dining room. As she passed a pillar, hands reached out and grabbed her. She found herself face-to-face with John Hart. She jerked away. “What the hell are you doing here?” she hissed.

“Looking for you, my darling daughter,” John said, his voice low and mocking. “It wasn’t hard to find where your posh friends were staying – not with my connections. Now, tell me about Jack Harkness. What have you told him about me?”

Donna used the glare she used on underlings who were late with their reports. “Get over yourself. Why the hell would we be talking about you?”

“What have you told him?”

“Good morning, Donna.”

She was very glad to hear that lovely accent behind her. She turned and saw Ianto flanked by two of his security people. “Good morning,” she said brightly crossing to him and taking his arm. She barely resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at Hart.


“No, it was just leaving, wasn’t it?” She very much enjoyed the look on Hart’s face as he realized what he was up against. All three men were taller and fitter than him and the two guards were using their menacing faces. Ianto looked as pleasant as he usually did, but there was a hard glint to his eyes.

“Uh, yeah…” Just as she expected, John started edging toward the lobby doors. “Sorry.”

One of the men followed him to the door and watched, presumably until he was out of sight. When he returned, Ianto led Donna toward the restaurant. “Do you want to tell me who that was?” Ianto asked. “Or would you rather not?’

“I’d rather he disappear down the drain like the slime ball he is,” Donna sighed. “He’s the man married to my mother. I refuse to call him my stepfather. His name is John Hart.”

“What did he want?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know how he found me.” She wrinkled her nose. “For some reason, he wanted to know what I’d told Jack about him. As if. I try not to think about him at all.”

“Odd.” Ianto pulled her chair out. “I guess we’ll have to ask Jack when he comes back. If he ever does.” She looked at him in surprise. He grinned. “A joke. Promptness is not one of Jack’s strong suits.”

As if on cue, Ianto’s mobile rang. He looked at the screen and grinned. “We were just talking about you, mystery man. Where are you?”

Donna couldn’t hear Jack’s side of the conversation, but she listened to Ianto carefully. “Yes, we as in Donna and me. We’re having breakfast. When are you coming back?” A pause and a frown. “That doesn’t sound very pleasant.” Another pause. “All right. Are we confined to quarters? I want to take a walk.” A grin. “A short walk.” A patient sigh. “Yes, they’re right here. You can ask Donna if you don’t believe me.” He held out the phone. “He wants to talk to you.”

Donna took the phone. “Hello, Jack.”

“Hi. I can’t talk long, but I wanted to tell you to stay with Ianto. Promise me.”

“All right. Is there anything wrong?”

“I’ll tell you when I get back. Does your family know where you are? How about your fiancé?”

“I sent him a text last night. He sent one back this morning that he’d pick me up around 1:00.”

“Did you tell him what happened?” Jack’s tone was suddenly sharp. “Last night?”

She was so surprised she just answered. “No. Just where I was spending the night. It’s not the kind of thing you can text about.”

“Okay.” Was that relief in his voice? “Just keep an eye on Ianto for me, please? He needs a keeper.”

“I’ll tell him you said that.”

“He already knows. Okay, give me back to my gorgeous spouse, please.”

She offered the phone back to Ianto. “He told you I need a keeper, didn’t he?” She nodded. He spoke into the phone. “Would you please stop telling people that?” A somewhat lengthy pause – probably listening to instructions. “Yes, sir. All will be done as you wish, sir. Anything else, sir?” Another smile, this one with a wicked slant. “You are so going to owe me, Captain Harkness. Good-bye, cariad.”

“Everything okay?” Donna asked.

“I’m not sure. He sounded… off. But he did give me a list of things he wants handled by me. He’ll call in about ten minutes with something he forgot. He was adamant that we should stick together, though. Can you stand it?”

“I’ll do my best.”

Jack hung up the phone, trying to contain his worry. He thought Ianto was too vulnerable without him, but he couldn’t go running off after him as though he were a child. He’d had to bite his lip to keep from begging his husband to stay safely in his hotel room, but all he had was a vague uneasiness – not a real reason. Ianto would resent it and rightly so.

As for the other, he knew he would have to break the bad news sometime, but it wasn’t the kind of thing he wanted to do over the phone. He crossed over to where John and Martha were examining the body. Martha stood up. “It’s hard to tell without a full autopsy, but I don’t see any signs of injury. My first guess would be heart attack because of the grimace of pain on his face. Hard to tell how long he’s been here, since the freezing weather has pretty much kept the body preserved, but I’d say a month, give or take a week.”

John stood up beside her. “Whether it was natural or not, we’ve still got a corpse that points to Torchwood. Again.”

“I don’t think it does,” Jack said quietly. “Well, not directly anyway.”

“You think you have this all figured out?” John challenged.

“Pretty much, yeah. No proof though.” Jack looked at the surroundings. “Nothing concrete anyway. But it’s the only way that makes any sense to me at all.”

“So?” John said.

“Are you going to tell us?” Martha asked.

“Not yet. I need to check on some things first.”

“When?” This time John made it a demand.

“This afternoon, say around 2:00.” Myfanwy gave two short barks. He looked down at her and grinned. “Ianto’s been training her to tell time. So far all she can do is bark when she hears someone say what time it is, but she’s pretty good at that.” He stopped rambling. “What are we going to do about the body?”

John said, “Let’s take it up to the clinic in the Jeep and leave it there until we can make proper arrangements. Do you want to drive the Jeep back, Jack? Or do you want to ride in the helicopter with us?”

“I have a feeling that I need to get back soon. I’ll hitch a ride with you.”

It had taken a while to arrange Jack’s requests to Ianto’s satisfaction. The phone call with the missing thing had never arrived, but Ianto made provisions for contingencies. When he was done, he and Donna, followed by the ever-present security guards went down to take their walk. “I’ve been told about all the picture windows in New York City. Do you know if there are any decorated ones nearby?” he asked Donna.

“Fifth Avenue is just over there. We can have a look.”

They went to the sidewalk arm in arm with the two guards behind them. The sidewalks weren’t slippery, but it was cold enough that the snow wasn’t melting. They moved at what Ianto called medium New York City speed, which meant that they weren’t chasing a taxi, but they weren’t dawdling either. As soon as they turned down Fifth, they spotted a store with displays in its many windows. They joined the small crowd that had gathered to admire it.

Ianto was delighted. There was animation in the small figures as they skated across a mirrored pond and blinking lights gave the appearance of snow falling. They moved to the next to see a revolving tree with a train scooting along tracks around it and gifts dancing to the side. As they strolled along the windows, Ianto considered the possibility of setting up self-powered displays to cheer people in hospitals and rehabilitation units. The tricks they could do with lights these days…

He was pulled out of his thoughts by a rumble of voices near him. A shout rose up. “It’s them! They have guns! Get down!” People started scattering in all directions as four policemen appeared and advanced on his security guards. They were in the act of drawing their guns to protect him and the policemen pounced on them. Ianto opened his mouth to protest only to be grabbed from behind and pulled away.

He reacted without thinking, using what he had learned from Jack. He brought his foot heavily down on the nearest instep and flung himself to the side. His momentum carried him to the sidewalk where he rolled quickly toward his assailant and knocked him off his feet. Ianto pressed hard on the device he wore next to his skin to let the entire detail know that there was trouble. It would also send an emergency signal to Jack’s mobile.

He was startled to see Donna laying into his opponent with her fists, shrieking, “What the hell are you doing, Hart! You’re a maniac! That’s what you are!”

Ianto caught her by the shoulders as two of the policemen came over. “What happened?”

“Donna, stop.” He looked up at one of the men. “While you were accosting my security detail, this man attacked me. Donna, you can stop now. They are paid security guards with all necessary permits. Donna, please stop.”

Breasts heaving, Donna stopped hitting him and stood up. She looked down and kicked him once more. With a sudden smile at Ianto, she gasped, “I’ve been wanting to do that forever.”

Edwards appeared at his side. “Are you all right, Dr. Harkness?” he asked a bit breathlessly.

“As all right as I can be after an assault,” Ianto said, smiling to reassure him. “I’ll live.”

A siren wailed as it approached at the same time the other four guards ran up. “Sir, Dr. Harkness! What’s happened?”

“This worthless piece of garbage happened,” Donna said, aiming another kick in Hart’s direction. He managed to avoid it only because a policeman was holding him up. “He attacked your boss. What was that all about?”

The police car pulled up to the curb and disgorged Kathy Swanson and Andy Davidson. Ianto rolled his eyes. This was all he needed. “What happened here?” she demanded.

“Hello, Better-Late-Than-Never,” Donna sneered. “Fat lot of help you’ve been.” Apparently, she had not enjoyed her session with the detective last night, Ianto surmised. Donna confirmed it by adding, “Your stupid cops nearly got Dr. Harkness kidnapped.”

“Wait just a minute, Ms. Noble…”

Ianto’s sharp ears heard running footfalls. He knew the stomp of those boots. He looked up in time to see Jack coming full tilt around the corner, checking the screen on his mobile. “Jack!” he called.

Jack saw him and ran towards him, snatching him up when he got within reach. “Ianto! Thank God! What happened?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out!” Kathy Swanson shouted.

Jack glanced at her and frowned. “I thought I told you…”

“Jack, you’re going to break a rib,” Ianto gasped.

“Oh, sorry.” Jack loosened his hold a little, allowing Ianto to get some much needed oxygen. “Are you okay?”

“I am now. When I was being kidnapped I wasn’t.”

“What’s going on?” Kathy yelled.

“Who? Who tried to kidnap you?” Jack’s voice was cold as ice.

“He did.”

Jack whirled and stared at the person hanging between the policemen’s grips. “John Hart!” he exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

Part 7

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